NEW Outlet for LFW fever

201_red_1With all the London Fashion Week buzz, shopping is on the minds of many fashionistas. There’s always a trend out there that we haven’t yet managed to cover, a style of dress we haven’t yet purchased and a colour that is still missing in our wardrobes! With plenty of inspiration from the catwalks, there has never been a better time to fill those empty gaps in your look.

This is where we come in! Fashion Temple has been up to a lot in it’s first year: we’ve been getting our website up and running and setting up our Facebook (make sure you ‘Like’ us!) and Twitter pages. Now that the bulk of it is done, we promise you two things: a) we’ll bring you the latest hightstreet styles b) we won’t break your bank!

Let us start fulfilling our promise by drawing your attention to this jaw-dropper of a bag. In ss13, it’s all about the accessories and this beauty will put you on the right track. The bright red is sure to make a statement and will make an amazing contribution to the colour block trend that all the magazines are on about. The Vivi Boutique classic bag in red is a signature piece of many fashion icons – often seen on the likes of Kate Moss, the Queen of Fashion herself. Why not join in the craze with our classic bag, now on offer for £34.99, original RPR £95.00! Hurry, things this good don’t stick around for long!

Kate Moss image the courtesy of


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